Sex Positive Week

What is Sex Week at UCF?

Vision: To create a sex positive culture and atmosphere at UCF to empower Knights to embrace and celebrate human sexuality and diversity in all its forms.

Mission: (By) Fostering open community dialogue increasing self-awareness, providing education, exchanging experiences, hence reducing stigma and increasing sexual health and wellness understanding leading to safe behavior and practices.


  1. Providing research informed sex education to campus community.
  2. Creating dialogue opportunities about sexual health/wellness on campus to reduce stigma.
  3. Increasing sexual health/wellness self-and other understanding and awareness leading to safe behavior and practices.

Core Values

Open Mindedness

Advocate for a comprehensive culturally competent understanding of sex and sexuality and cultivate dialogue on these topics. (Creativity I will use my talents to enrich the human experience)


Create programming and facilitate discussions that are inclusive of all beliefs and ideas in order to create a safe environment for open dialogue. (Community I will promote an open and supportive campus environment by respecting the rights and contributions of every individual.)


Ensuring academic soundness by including all perspectives and using expertise that is grounded in the literature. (Scholarship I will cherish and honor learning as a fundamental purpose of my membership in the UCF community.)

Growth and Development

Encourage educational opportunities in an effort to help one’s self and one’s peers enhance awareness, knowledge, and understanding in order to become empowered individuals. (Excellence I will strive toward the highest standards of performance in any endeavor I undertake.)

Respect for Others

People deserve the right to fully exercise their autonomy, to give consent. Respecting a person’s autonomy thus involves considering their choices and decisions without deliberate obstruction. (Integrity I will practice and defend academic and personal honesty.)


Positive reception of others’ sexual expression(s) regardless of personal views. To honor human sexuality as fundamental to the human experience.

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