CAPS wants you to know that if you are experiencing distress related to any impactful event, CAPS is here to provide a safe and confidential space to discuss any issue and get support. Please contact us at 407-823-2811 or stop by during business hours. After hours, press #5 for immediate assistance to talk to a therapist. Also, you  are encouraged to utilize our free on-line service called TAO Self Help and our handouts for additional support on our website.

BLACK Institute

The Building Leaders and Connecting Knights (B.L.A.C.K.) Institute is a culturally specific leadership development program for the Black student population at UCF. Attendees of the B.L.A.C.K. Institute will engage in small group discussions, panel led dialogues and other experiential activities; as well as have opportunities to meet with UCF leadership, faculty and staff that reflect their cultural identity.

Graduates of the B.L.A.C.K. Institute will complete the following:

  • Connect with the UCF institution
  • Connect with the UCf Community and their cultural identity
  • Gain an understanding of their purpose within the UCF community