Diversity Statement

The staff at the University of Central Florida Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)  have a commitment to providing a safe, welcoming environment for all students regardless of their gender, gender expression, ethnicity, race, language, culture, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, national origin, age, size, physical and mental abilities, and/or socioeconomic status.

We aim to demonstrate our view of diversity issues through our work with individual and group counseling, consultation, outreach presentations, program development, assessment, supervision, training, and research. In our professional roles, we stand at the intersection of diversity and mental/emotional health by recognizing the impact of diversity issues on all individuals such as discrimination, stereotypes, oppression, prejudice, acculturation, and identity development.

We make an effort to promote the acceptance and understanding of individuals with diverse backgrounds and to educate ourselves and others on diversity-related matters.

We strive to be affirming, respectful, and open minded of individuals with diverse backgrounds not only among ourselves within CAPS, but across the campus community through our contact with all students, staff, faculty, and administrators. We not only want to share this vision, but we hope to contribute to the reduction of problems such as prejudice, discrimination, and exploitation.

We strive to recognize when our own diversity affects how we may relate to or work with our colleagues and the individuals we serve. It is part of our professional responsibility to gain continuing education for ourselves and our trainees regarding individuals of diverse backgrounds. We work towards recognizing and understanding the value of our similarities and differences. We uphold the freedom for people to remain committed to personal values.

Our hope is that individuals in CAPS, campus, and community feel at peace to live and be themselves.