CAPS offers focused therapy and support groups throughout the academic year. Groups typically begin a few weeks into the semester and are free. Enrolled students can meet with a counselor to discuss group options and be referred to a pre-screening with the group facilitator(s).

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Fall 2022 Therapy Groups

Groups are offered in-person and virtually.

For a description of the groups: CAPS Group Descriptions Summer 2022



Empowerment through Music @10-11:30AM

Empowering Asian Voices @11-12:30PM

Understanding Self and Others (USO) @1-2:30PM & 3-4:30PM

Trans Empowerment @1-2:30PM

Perfectly Whole @1-2:30PM

International Student Support @1-2:30PM

Sister Circle @3-4:30PM

Self-Compassion @3-4:30PM

Survivors of Suicide @3-4:30PM



Women’s Family @10-11:30AM

Understanding Self and Others (USO) @10:30-Noon & 3-4:30PM

Mindfulness @10:30-Noon

Trans Empowerment @1-2:30PM

Relationships @1-2:30PM

Building Social Confidence @1-2:30PM



Depression Support @10:30-Noon

Grad Support @10:30-Noon

I Thought It Was Me @1-2:30PM

Black Empowerment @1-2:30PM

Living with ADHD @1-2:30PM

Body Wellness @3-4:3oPM

Women’s Empowerment @3-4:3oPM

COPE @3-4:3oPM



Understanding Self and Others (USO) @10-11:30AM & 1-2:30PM

Q Support @11-12:30PM

Anxiety Support @10-11:30AM

Mi Gente @11-12:30PM

ACE Support @1-2:30PM

Safety & Self Care @1-2:30PM

Living with Health Concerns @1-2:30PM

Relationships @1-2:30PM

I Thought It Was Me @3-4:30PM

Self-Compassion @3-4:30PM

Grief & Loss @3-4:30PM


DBT Group resources:

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