Group Therapy

Group therapy has been found to be an effective form of treatment and is as equivalent and sometimes more effective than individual therapy for certain concerns. Group therapy helps people talk about things in a more genuine way which helps them address the heart of their struggles and find improvements in their symptoms or concerns. Group therapy is a counseling service and a student must be a client at CAPS to participate in group, and student’s therapy goals must be align with the goals of that group to be accepted into a specific group.

If you are interested in participating in Group Therapy, make an appointment for an initial assessment at CAPS and let you counselor know that you are interested in group therapy as an option to address your particular counseling goals. Group therapy space is limited, so one is not guaranteed a spot in group.   The therapist will discussed what therapy groups align with your therapy goals and set you up for a group screening appointment.

Groups typically begin a few weeks into the semester and meet weekly. Your intake counselor will discuss group options and can refer you to a pre-screening with the group facilitator(s).

FAQ about joining a group

How to schedule a group appointment


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