SSWB 5 Pillars of Well-Being

UCF CAPS is a department within the Division of Student Success and Well-being (SSWB) at UCF.

We strive to provide services and programs that embrace the following guiding framework.


SSWB 5 Pillars of Wellbeing

Through a holistic and culturally conscious curricular approach, SDES fosters a university-wide community of care and learning in which all students develop knowledge and skills, identify meaning and purpose, build resilience, develop financial literacy, increase engagement, and exercise harm-reducing choices, to positively impact retention, graduation rates, career readiness, and to minimize impediments to academic progress.

Well-Being graphic: Five pillared building with Culturally Conscious at the top. Five pillars labeled Purpose, Resilience, Engagement, Harm Reduction, and Financial Literacy.

The goal of the Well-Being Curriculum is for SSWB to develop to be a successful student that emerge from UCF as WELL BEINGS…WELL PERSONS! At CAPS, we offer a variety of services and programs that help students be prepared to face the challenges of the world as a culturally conscious, engaged citizens who act with purpose, demonstrate resilience, incorporate harm reducing strategies and practices financial literacy.