Tragedy in South Florida

Tragedy in South Florida: UCF Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is deeply saddened by the tragedy in South Florida on February 14, 2018. We recognize that this could be a very difficult time for many of our students who are from that area or know others who are from there as well. We want you to know if you or other students are experiencing distress related to this event, or if this event triggered memories of other tragedies in your life, CAPS is here to provide a safe and confidential environment to discuss this with a counselor. If support is needed, please contact us at 407-823-2811 or stop by during business hours. After hours, press #5 for immediate assistance to talk to a therapist. Also, you  are encouraged to utilize our free on-line service TAO Self Help and our handouts for additional support.

Therapy Assisted Online (TAO) Self Help

 What is Therapy Assisted Online (TAO) Self Help?

  • TAO is an interactive, web-based program that provides assistance to help overcome anxiety, depression, relationships/communication, and substance use concerns.
  • TAO is based on well researched and highly effective strategies for helping the above concerns.
  • You can choose to view short, but helpful videos, take part in brief exercises, use logs to track moods and progress, and have access to a Mindfulness Library.
  • Click the image below to watch a video and learn more about TAO Self Help!


Who is eligible for TAO Self Help?

  • All UCF students are eligible for TAO Self-Help. You just need a Knights email address.

Benefits of TAO Self Help:

  • You will have access to highly effective therapeutic modules 24/7.
  • You can sign up any time of day or night, and without having to travel to Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS).
  • Immediate access to helpful information.

Highlights of the modules:

  • Anxiety: relaxation strategies, analyzing thoughts, mindfulness, facing fears, lifestyle factors
  • Depression: traps, problem solving, focusing on thoughts, mindfulness, values, relationships, lifestyle
  • Substance Abuse: making decisions, cravings, social support, lapse and relapses, finances, time management
  • Relationships and Communication: anger, communication styles, problem solving

How do I sign up?

Signing up for TAO Self Help is easy!

  1. Follow this enrollment link:
  2. Enter your UCF email address, enrollment key, and other basic information.
    1. For UCF Students, enter: #TAOhelps11
    2. For UCF Staff and Faculty, enter: Help44Helper!
  3. Your enrollment key is entered only once, upon registering.
  4. Agree to TAO services.
  5. Check your UCF email to finish your account set up.

Now, you have the freedom to explore the TAO modules at your leisure and when you have time in your schedule.

For further questions about TAO Self Help, you may contact TAO at