About Us

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides free mental health services to all UCF undergraduate and graduate students at no cost extra cost.

Scope of Therapy

CAPS provides short-term counseling for currently enrolled students who have paid the health fee. This averages to 4-6 individual therapy sessions every other week.   If a longer-term solution is required CAPS connects individuals to a community provider or refers to CAPS group therapy services.

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Community partners are appropriate if a CAPS therapist concludes a student would be better served by a particular specialist or longer-term counseling. Some instances where this occurs include:

  • A longstanding or severe mental illness that requires longer-term or continuous treatment.
  • Issues that may require a student to be seen more than once every other week.
  • Issues that may require support or recurring treatment over the course of the student’s academic career.
  • Issues that require a type of treatment outside the practice scope of current CAPS therapists.
  • Students experiencing significant levels of distress requiring immediate inpatient or intensive outpatient care, and/or experiencing a severe disruption in their ability to function.
  • Court-mandated assessment or treatment requirements beyond CAPS’s scope of service.
  • Students already engaged in therapy with another provider.
  • History of multiple psychiatric hospitalizations.