Couples and Conjoint Counseling

Couples may seek premarital, marital, divorce, sexual adjustment, or alternative life-style counseling. Any two students*, such as roommates, may also utilize this service to improve their relationship or to work out communication problems.

Couples/Conjoint counseling can help you achieve your greatest wellness in your relationship with a partner, spouse, friend, or roommate. Your clinician will provide a comfortable, private, and non-judgmental setting that enables you to explore your goals and concerns and can help you gain important perspectives and skills to improve your relationship. Common topics could include communication and conflict resolution, problem solving, sexual issues, and learning to get needs met in healthy ways. Counseling helps you enhance your relationship or perhaps thoughtfully go your separate ways.

Your first contact will be an assessment with one of our clinicians who will determine the most appropriate services for you, whether off-campus or in our center. Both partners are expected to be present at all counseling sessions. Strong emotions often arise in couples counseling and your clinician will help you tap their power for personal and relational gains.

How do I schedule an appointment?