Sometimes self-help is the starting line for adjusting and improving your mental health. Here are some resources to get you started.

Note: This list is a resource and does not constitute endorsement of the listed providers or facilities; users assume responsibility for evaluating and selecting a provider.

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Community Resource

Community Providers Database

Treatment takes many forms, and sometimes an outside provider is the best solution. Here is a database of private practitioners in the community.

Faculty/Staff Resources

Making a referral: When and How

Students can be resistant to seeking help or falsely cast a stigma around counseling. Trusted faculty and staff who believe a student would benefit from counseling can make a referral to CAPS. This is typically the case when a student’s problems go beyond your expertise or their behavior raises concerns.


Student Resources

Diagnostic Assessment

Take the Mental Health Screener to check on our mental health

Other Helpful Wellbeing Tools:




Campus Resources


Parent Resources