Kognito is a set of role-play, avatar modules to educate faculty, staff, and students about mental health and suicide prevention *(Which we know supports improved academic performance, student retention, and campus safety.) It is an aviator/simulation online tool that allows users to enter a virtual environment and engage in role-play conversations with emotionally-responsive virtual humans. Through practice and receiving personalized feedback, users learn and assess their competency to lead similar conversations in real life. Key models and techniques include motivational interviewing, shared decision-making, emotional self-regulation, empathy, empathic accuracy, and reappraisal strategy. Key learning and assessment principles include hands-on-practice, contextual learning, personalized feedback, storytelling, and case-based approach.

How Can Kognito Help You?

  • Increase knowledge and awareness about mental health and suicide
  • Identify warning signs of psychological distress, including verbal, behavioral, and situational clues.
  • Lead conversations with students to discuss concerns, build resilience, and increase connectedness.
  • Assess the need for referral, motivate the student to seek help, and make a warm hand-off to support
  • Understand the school’s specific process for student referral and counseling services

Take The Trainings:

  • Sign onto the internet using Firefox or Chrome (not Internet Explorer) web browser
  • Go to: www.kognitocampus.com
  • Create a New Account
  • Use enrollment key: centralflorida
  • Follow the on-screen instructions
  • Select the course and click “LAUNCH”

Funding provided by a Campus Suicide Prevention Grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Help make UCF’s  campuses safer, more supportive environments for all.