CAPS Workshops

Workshops are designed to address common concerns and help students develop skills that can enhance their well-being and reduce their stress. All workshops are offered free to UCF students and you do not need to be clients at CAPS to participate. Due to the ongoing pandemic, summer  and most fall workshops will be held online through Zoom. These workshops will share information about mental health and wellness, but they are not a substitute for mental health treatment.

Below is a list of CAPS workshops for Spring 2021. Inquiries about groups or workshops can be made by contacting Dr. Jamie Bourn, Group Coordinator, at 407-823-2811

To join a virtual workshop, simply click the following link at the start time, as listed below:

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CAPS Workshop Schedule – Summer B 2021 (click for PDF)

Date Time Topic (all workshops are 1 hour, unless specified)


2-Jun 3:30 PM DBT Workshop- Mindfulness

3-Jun 11:00 AM LGBTQ+ Chat

4-Jun 11:00 AM Stress Management

7-Jun 1:00 PM Trans Empowerment Workshop

9-Jun 3:00 PM Supporting Asian Identified and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Knights

10- Jun 1:00 PM UCF Remembers Event

11- Jun 1:00 PM DBT Workshop- Emotion Regulation

15-Jun 12:30 PM Coping with Social Anxiety

16- Jun 1:00 PM Coping through Music

18-Jun 12:30-2:00 PM Supporting Black Knights: Celebrating Juneteenth

22-Jun 1:00 PM DBT Workshop- Interpersonal Effectiveness

24-Jun Noon Healthy Relationships

30-Jun 1:00 PM Therapeutic Journaling



1-Jul 1:00 PM DBT Workshop- Distress Tolerance

2-Jul 1:00 PM Supporting AAPI Knights

6-Jul 1:00 PM First Year Transition & Success

7- Jul 3:00 PM Coping through Music

8-Jul 11:00 AM LGBTQ+ Chat

9-Jul 12:30-2:00 PM Supporting Black Knights: Black Lives Matter

12-Jul Noon Setting Healthy Boundaries

13-Jul 1:00 PM Improving Communication

15-Jul 3:00 PM Exploring a Career in the Helping Profession

16-Jul Noon Racial Trauma Healing

19-Jul 3:30 PM Healthy Sleep

20-Jul 1:00 PM Improving Communication

21-Jul Noon Trans Empowerment Workshop

22-Jul 11:00 AM LGBTQ+ Chat

23-Jul 11:00 AM First Year Transition & Success

26-Jul 12:30 PM Stoneman Douglas Student Support

27-Jul 1:00 PM Improving Communication

28-Jul 1:00 PM QPR-Suicide Prevention Training

29-Jul 3:00 PM Expressive Arts for Self-Care

30-Jul Noon Mindfulness


2-Aug 2:00 PM Coping through Music

3-Aug Noon How to Give and Get Emotional Support


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