CAPS Workshops

Workshops are designed to address common concerns and help students develop skills that can enhance their well-being and reduce their stress. These workshops will share information about mental health and wellness, but they are not a substitute for mental health treatment. Inquiries about groups or workshops can be made by contacting CAPS at 407-823-2811.

All workshops are offered free to UCF students.  Students do not need to register to participate.

Workshops will be held online through Zoom. To join a virtual workshop, simply click this link at the start time:


CAPS Workshop Schedule – Summer 2022 (click for PDF)* TBD

Date Time Topic (all workshops are 1 hour, unless specified)


June 20 12:00 Creating Healthy Relationships
June 21 1:00 Healthy Sleep
June 22 2:00 Substance Use and Harm Reduction
June 23 1:00 Healthy Boundaries
June 28 1:00 Coping with Current Events
June 29 11:00 Mindfulness
June 30 1:00 Getting Over Your Fears



July 6 1:00 All You Need to Know about Grief
July 7 11:00 Cultivating Discipline
July 7 3:00 QPR – Suicide Prevention
July 8 11:00 Racial Trauma Healing
July 11 3:00 Understanding and Coping with Social Anxiety
July 12 1:00 Social Media and Mental Health
July 12 4:00 Enhancing Motivation
July 13 1:00 All You Need to Know about Grief
July 14 2:00 Coping and Resiliency
July 15 11:00 Distress Management Skills
July 18 11:00 Navigating Multi-racial and Multi-ethnic Identities
July 18 3:00 Survivors of Suicide
July 19 1:00 Coping Through Music
July 19 4:00 Enhancing Motivation
July 20 1:00 All You Need to Know about Grief
July 20 3:00 Coping with Current Events
July 21 1:00 Improving Communication
July 25 3:00 Navigating Polyamorous or Non-Monogamous Relationships
July 26 4:00 Enhancing Motivation
July 27 1:00 Supporting AANHPI Students
July 28 12:00 Love versus Emotional Hunger
July 29 11:00 DBT Skills: Distress Tolerance



Aug 1 12:00 Giving and Getting Emotional Support
Aug 2 4:00 Enhancing Motivation


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If you would like to see a sample video of our Drum Your Stress Away Workshop, please click: Drum Your Stress Away Workshop Video


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