Group therapy led by professional staff offer a supportive and stimulating environment to explore common issues of concern. We encourage you to learn more about Group Therapy and to browse our complete list of current groups and workshops offered this semester at CAPS. Group Therapy is a confidential service for all enrolled UCF students.

If you are interested in participating in Group Therapy, make an appointment for an initial assessment at CAPS and let you counselor know that you are interested in group therapy as an option to address your particular counseling goals. Group therapy space is limited, so one is not guaranteed a spot in group.   The therapist will discussed what therapy groups align with your therapy goals and set you up for a group screening appointment.

Groups typically begin a few weeks into the semester and are free. Enrolled students can meet with a counselor to discuss group options and be referred to a pre-screening with the group facilitator(s).

FAQ about joining a group

How do I schedule an appointment?

***The American Psychological Association (APA) sees group therapy as a highly effective mode of treatment for many psychological issues.  To read more about the efficacy of group therapy and your expectations, here are links to help you: