Counseling and Psychological Services

Counseling can take a number of forms. The decision about which type of service may be appropriate is based on many factors, including your current concerns and needs, your counseling history, scheduling considerations, and availability of resources. Our goal in this process is to find the best way to attend to your concerns in the most effective and efficient way. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) offers the following services and works within a brief therapy model.

If you are interested in making an appointment, want to learn more about our confidentiality policy, or have additional questions, visit the above links for more information.

If you attend the Rosen College of Hospitality Management, you can learn more about your options by visiting this link.

Types of Counseling Offered


Initial Assessment

All registered UCF students are entitled to an initial assessment to determine what the focus of therapy will be and what type of services are most appropriate for a particular problem.



Individual Counseling

In a one-on-one interaction with a counselor, you are helped to express feelings, examine thoughts and beliefs, reflect on patterns of behavior, and work toward making healthy changes in your life.



Group Counseling

Groups led by professional staff offer students a supportive and stimulating environment to explore common issues of concern. We encourage you to learn more about Group Counseling and to browse our complete list of current groups offered this semester at CAPS.



Couples/Conjoint Counseling

Couples may seek premarital, marital, divorce, sexual adjustment, or alternative life-style counseling. Any two students, such as roommates, may also utilize this service to improve their relationship or to work out communication problems.

Both students must be enrolled at UCF to be eligible.


Crisis Counseling

Our staff offers crisis intervention services during regular office hours. Students under 18 years of age can be seen on a limited basis without parental consent while they are in crisis. Check our Emergency Services page for more information.



Life Coaching

The purpose of coaching is to develop your success and well-being through pursuing personal and professional goals. Having a life coach allows you to pursue your goals with greater clarity, helps you stay on track, and provides the support to stretch further in achieving your goals.



Therapist Assisted Online

TAO is a seven-week, interactive, web-based program that provides assistance to help overcome anxiety. TAO is based on well researched and highly effective strategies for helping anxiety. Each of the seven weeks, participants will watch videos, complete exercises, and meet with a counselor via video conferencing for a 10-15 minute consultation. Weekly exercises take approximately 30-40 minutes to complete. Interested in learning more? Check out a sample TAO session.

Additional Services Offered


Outreach & Prevention Services

The professional staff is available to present programs on a number of student developmental concerns. We invite you to inquire about our Outreach and Prevention Services and to browse the programs offered this semester as part of our Self-Discovery Knights at the Student Union.



CAPS staff members engage in research on a variety of issues related to college student mental health as well as conduct ongoing evaluation of our services. Our research page includes current research projects, selected results from evaluation data, a monthly brief summary of research relevant to students, and information on how you can partner with CAPS on a research project.


Internship and Practicum

Our internship prepares trainees as strong generalists in the practice of psychology. The training is agency-based with opportunities to gain experience in CAPS functions such as clinical interviewing, individual, and group counseling/psychotherapy; consultation and outreach; supervision and training; and crisis intervention.


Letter Requests

UCF Counseling and Psychological Services occasionally receive requests from students/clients to provide documentation regarding their services and/or recommendations.